This section of the wiki exists for us to use to further our conversation and understanding of Appendix A in Boss & Krauss's book. Let's use this space to try to flesh out how these essential learning functions live and breathe in our respective projects. Specifically, in groups today, lets flesh out what these functions and concepts can look like in our classrooms, by writing our own examples and adding links to each individual wiki section. Imagine that we're building a reference resource for ourselves and for other readers of this book about this appendix. Because we are.
(This is also a way to model how you might set up a wiki project with students.(Breaking stuff up onto multiple pages so that you can all "edit" at the same time. Just saying.)

1. Ubiquity
2. Deep Learning
3. Making Things Visible and Discuss-able
4. Expressing Ourselves, Sharing Ideas, Building Community
5. Collaboration - Teaching and Learning with Others
6. Research
7. Project Management
8. Reflection and Iteration

Note - these numbered terms are taken from Reinventing Project-Based Learning by Suzie Boss and Jane Krauss.

Resources Added By "Others"
edutonica - - I use this with our teachers and school to share instructional strategies that utilize "Web 2.0" resources and "old-fashioned" applications like PowerPoint.