Project Proposal for new and improved Longmont High School Website

This page will fill up with Dreamweaver resources, links, web idea content and design, etc.
My (jmeester) delicious account See cybercamp08 tag.

What is the make-up of a good school website? Article: The Evolution of Websites.

Web Design Tools: A List Apart: Code, Content, Design, Process, Web 2.0 article, List of creative design sites

A few examples of school or university websites that I can see working: school website #1, school website #2, school/library website #3, University website#4, Flickr photo of cool web/blog website #5, Flickr phot of cool web/blog website #6 LHS

Website Options? What are they? Are There additional Options?


Benefits: Easy to use, easy to change, district supported?, easily embed other forms of media to blog

Template choices are limited, can I upload pdfs? easily?, html limitations

St Vrain Virtual Campus

Benefits: District Supported

Template choices and color schemes are limited, design techniques are limited - would need to hand code html, dynamic enough?

Dreamweaver: (Current LHS website)

Benefits: District Supported, web designer has used Dreamweaver, uses templates and css

Limitations: Can be tedious, requires patience and sometimes a high learning curve, web designer is afraid of Dreamweaver

What would you like to see on a school website?

Please add to this list:
  • Student projects?
  • General information
  • Schedules
  • Staff email - contact information?
  • School calendar
  • Sports Schedules
  • Counseling Information
  • Newsletters
  • Academic information
  • HAPPY news about teens doing great things in the community - JAO

Next steps:

  • Apply for Independent Study - Professional Develepment, 1 credit.
  • Create website or portion of website that can be completed during the 1 credit .
  • Share website with LHS community, ask for feedback, incorporate and apply to website.
  • Fine-tune website using feedback and upload site live for all to see.

Timeline Expectation:

  • Complete application by June 30, 2008
  • Spend 16 hours working on website prior to August 15, 2008
  • Ask for feedback from LHS community during September and October 2008
  • Upload site live for all to see by November 1, 2008