Project Goal:
I will be teaching a pilot course in digital photography next spring. The goal for this project is to have a finished courset that uses Moodle as the primary organization tool. In order to finish this project there are a few things that need to be tested and decided:
  1. Find a good tool for student critiques.
  2. Decide on the best applications to use for teaching digital photography.
    1. a good editor that will allow for easy movement to professional tools such as Photoshop.
    2. A good digital asset management application (DAM), such as Adobe Lightroom, or Apple Aperture.
    3. A stitching app.
    4. A tone mapping app.
  3. Three good student projects that will be alligned to at least three state/district art standards:
    1. Using materials, techniques, and processes
    2. communication of ideas, themes, and feelings through original works of art.
    3. Understanding and using elements of art, and principles of design.
  4. Each project will have the following elements:
    1. Research about the theme of the project.
    2. New techniques
    3. Creation of original works
      1. Starting with generating ideas on a wiki, and then with a camera
      2. Re-working ideas based on feedback,
      3. Producing final works which communicate the idea, and making a final print of the work.
    4. Critique of the work.
        1. Using an online tool for critique of works in progress (WIP).
        2. Critique will focus on what can be done to improve the work to better communicate the idea.
    5. The project should engage students for 5-6 weeks, in an alternating block schedule, 12-15 classes.