Dave Kline's Cyber Camp Project
Westview Middle School

Dave Kline

Title: Virtual Campus class to support 6th grade math at Westview Middle School

Overview: I have learned how to use MOODLE . I have generated two SVVSD Virtual Campus web pages to support two math classes (6th grade Math and Honors Math at Westview Middle School). I have generated online content and learned how to post assignments, calendar information, and host an online forum to communicate with students and parents. I have investigated ActivInspire Software, and learned how to "screen cast" lessons so that students and parents can access short videos of lessons that were taught in class.

Work in progress: The best way to see what I've done so far is to view one (or both) of my Virtual Campus classes . I broke them down into sections based on units that I will be teaching (8 units to the regular math class and 13 units to the honors class). Additionally I have set up a forum for both classes and published the first two assignments. I have also prepared an example of a screen cast which does not fit. I am now working on finding a way to use the screen casting recorder from ActivInspire so that I can post short videos that demonstrate specific problem solving skills for students and parents at home. What I envision, is a kid is working at home on an assignment and forgets how to do something like fraction addition. They can then go to the web site and ask questions in the forum, seek help in the forum or even find a video made from the computer "chalkboard" in class that shows the specific algorithm that they need to use. Additionally they can see all of their assignments and due dates, as well as access other information in one online place. An important part of all of this for me is that I am hosting all of the online information on SVVSD servers (and not going outside of our network). I feel that this is an important protocol that is not always followed.

Follow up: I am also an active member of the Westview Technology Committee . We are planning on opening Westview this fall as the new district technology focus school. My long term goal from this work is to help teach other teachers at Westview how to "MOODLE" and set up their own Virtual Campus pages. I wish to lead by example and I feel well prepared to do this. I will begin this process at the Westview Technology Bootcamp (August 2009). I am also hoping to share some of my work with screencasting. I feel that this is a great way to combine the ActiveBoards and ActiveInspire work that we are doing with the Promethian software, with an online platform that allows us to share our work with parents and students outside of the classroom. I really believe that there will be a direct benefit to instruction stemming from this work.

Take a look!
Here are links to the District Virtual Campus Directory. You will find my two math classes (First , Second )in the Westview Middle School section. The names are 6 Blue Math (Kline) and 6 Blue Advanced Math (Kline). I have left the classes open to guests until School starts in August. At that time I will close them (so that only registered students may visit). I should point out that you will be visiting as a student guest, and you will be unable to see all of the work I have done behind the scenes. You will also only see the first unit - as I will only be showing students one unit at a time (the one they are working on). Please contact me if you wish to continue visiting after August and we can make some arrangements, or if you wish to see more.