Feel free to post meaningful portions of conversations that happen throughout the day in Cyber Camp. This may include a Cyber Campers thought, link, or otherwise meaningful information.

Gem of the Day 1: "
Would Thoreau have wanted an iPhone?" (sarapom's post).
Gem of the Day 1: Thanks to Bud and Jerry for setting this up for all of us campers! Off to work, in my sleeping bag, with the flashlight on… (myrag's post).
Gem of the Day 2: **http://cybercamp.edublogs.org/files/2008/06/walden-technology-zits-jpeg.jpg**
Gem of the Day 2: "Today, we’re going to spend some time exploring various online learning communities. One that they mention is Classroom 2.0, a community on Ning." (Bud's post).