10:28 clifsnotes : hey bud
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11:28 ustreamer-61453 : hi, clif
11:29 ustreamer-61453 : 'bout to start
11:29 clifsnotes : is it ok that i'm here...saw your twit
11:29 ustreamer-61453 : yep
11:29 ustreamer-61453 : welcome
11:29 ustreamer-61453 : share with your friends
11:30 clifsnotes : i will...next time my twitter is up...hahah
11:32 clifsnotes : Hey from Memphis, TN.
11:35 AngelaMaiers : how much have a missed?
11:35 BenWilkoff : I think bud should use his hands more.
11:35 AngelaMaiers : You do not realize how much you use your hands until you see it on video!
11:36 AngelaMaiers : Ben -where are you from?
11:36 clifsnotes : Hey, Angela and Ben. This is Clif Mims (http://clifmims.com/blog).
11:37 AngelaMaiers : Hi Clif! I am at angelamaiers.com
11:38 BenWilkoff : I am from Denver, Colorado
11:38 BenWilkoff : I guess if we are sharing: http://learningischange.com/blog
11:39 MyraG : Thank you for joining educators in Longmont, CO at CyberCamp08
11:39 MyraG : Join us at http://cybercamp.edublogs.org/
11:40 MyraG : Welcom Ben, Angela, Clif
11:40 AngelaMaiers : Clif - love the professional development meme!
11:40 AngelaMaiers : Hi! Myra-nice to be here!
11:43 clifsnotes : Thanks, Angela. Please jump in the meme...i'm officially inviting you now. :)
11:44 MyraG : Bud's connective Writing. Wip http://docs.google.com/View?docid=ah8h7jd8jmnp_175cg2jhbg7
11:46 AngelaMaiers : Thanks, Myra!
11:47 MyraG : http://budtheteacher.com/blog/
11:48 BenWilkoff : I love bear rock cafe, by the way.
11:51 ustreamer-61453 : hi, ben and everybody
11:51 MyraG : Thanks all... we will all be sharing our projects over the next days...please join us!
11:51 clifsnotes : Bud, would you verbally explain the overarching goal of Cybercamp in say, 15 seconds.
11:51 ustreamer-61453 : am I obsessive? Does it make sense to try to teach and learn this stuff?
11:51 ustreamer-61453 : clifsnotes: teach less. learn more. Take time to be thoughtful and to evelop good stuff.
11:51 AngelaMaiers : Hi Bud! Nice to see you live! This is great!
11:51 ustreamer-61453 : thanks!
11:53 clifsnotes : Ooh, the project is the CENTER PIECE and not the END. I like that!
11:53 BenWilkoff : Clif, my twitter is bhwilkoff
11:53 clifsnotes : thanks, ben
11:54 tellio : need a snowflake mic to point toward your audience so we can pick up the crowd audio
11:56 tellio : or turn the laptop toward the audience
11:56 AngelaMaiers : Ben- nice I love you video on your site
11:57 AngelaMaiers : Can you all hear-I lost sound
11:57 MyraG : Specific ideas for helping students to read and write better.
11:57 MyraG : ...helping students to develop their own learning path.
11:58 MyraG : Non-relevant linking vs. linking w/ substance
11:58 MyraG : How to teach students how to hypertext
12:01 MyraG : Connected reading/writing as a teaching model
12:04 clifsnotes : I'll try to attend again tomorrow.
12:05 MyraG : Join us 11 am to noon each day for our learning process via uStream
12:05 tellio : howdy bud
12:05 ustreamer-61453 : thanks for coming, y'all
12:06 ustreamer-61453 : hi, Terry. Hope this was useful for the audience - we'll be trying to stream these every day - and the other speakers are far more intersting than I am
12:07 ustreamer-61453 : rats - hit record twice apparently, - once started. The second stopped.
12:09 MyraG : Thank Bud!
12:10 ustreamer-61453 : Thanks, Myra, for being our chat jockey today!
12:10 tellio : suggestion?
12:10 ustreamer-61453 : please
12:10 tellio : turn the laptop/camera toward audience
12:11 tellio : could not hear well
12:11 tellio : dunno if it would help but cant hurt
12:11 ustreamer-61453 : Yep - was test day - buying a microphone this afternoon to capture audience sound
12:11 AngelaMaiers : tellio - having the same problem
12:11 tellio : I got a snowflake mic the other day
12:11 ustreamer-61453 : I don't know why my name isn't showing up - this is Bud.
12:11 tellio : sweet
12:12 AngelaMaiers : Thanks, Bud! What I heard-i loved!
12:12 AngelaMaiers : Tellio -where do you teach? Blog?
12:12 tellio : You have give me ideas for my thurs/fri gig with wku wp
12:12 tellio : Western Kentucky University
12:12 AngelaMaiers : What area?
12:12 tellio : http:tex2all.com
12:12 tellio : Composition and Rhetoric
12:13 tellio : mostly gened courses
12:13 tellio : and u Angela?
12:13 ustreamer-61453 : Excellent - glad you were here - hope it was useful - I need to know if I'm getting obsessed with something small or not before I invest any more time in it.
12:13 AngelaMaiers : Thanks! I am at angelamaiers.com Taught at Drake University in Iowa and viterbo University in La Crosse, WI in areas of teacher preparation, reading specialty, language arts
12:13 ustreamer-61453 : and I'm glad Terry and Angela are getting to know one another - both of you wise folks
12:14 tellio : I will check your blog
12:14 AngelaMaiers : Bud-is this archived as well for those who could not make it
12:14 ustreamer-61453 : it was supposed to be - but I hit recordtwice - that's why I wanted to go first
12:14 ustreamer-61453 : I'm so kicking myself
12:15 tellio : failures are our safeties in disguise
12:15 tellio : that advice was free by the way
12:15 ustreamer-61453 : thanks, Terry.
12:16 ustreamer-61453 : does that mean I AM getting obsessive and I should move on?
12:16 AngelaMaiers : Mistakes are tuition! This helps me alot-I am going to UStream ny summer literacy institutes.
12:16 AngelaMaiers : Not at all-it means you are a lifelong 21st century learner
12:16 AngelaMaiers : I posted today about Cybercamp-hope you get some more viewers
12:17 tellio : we are cutting into your lunch break
12:17 ustreamer-61453 : Thanks, Angela. We'll be sharing others stories all this week and next.
12:17 ustreamer-61453 : I eat lunch after.
12:17 AngelaMaiers : GO EAT, BUD!
12:18 AngelaMaiers : Have a GREAT day all!
12:18 tellio : Well I have to go outside and check onfarm animals and brave the seventeen yyear locust
12:18 tellio : incredible noise level
12:19 tellio : y'all have a good 'un too
12:20 tellio : b4now
12:20 ustreamer-61453 : take care
12:21 ustreamer-61453 : I'm going to log off, myself and take a short break
12:21 ustreamer-61453 : thanks again, everyone!