Connie Brodt
Mead Elementary School
CyberCamp Project Proposal

Essential Question:
How can I promote essential learning of technology skills, resources, and tools for teachers to incorporate into their learning that enhances student learning?

Description of project:
Being in a building with limited technology resources, our staff and students have limited engagement with techonolgy based learning. Having only a computer lab with one projector and a regular screen, teachers do not utilize the tools that are available to them and their students. If teachers have to plan a project or access the lab only at their assigned day and time, the utilization of tech tools is not a daily integration to students' learning. The teachers and students need to have opportunities to work with virtual skills and applications. How do I create an environment of professional learning that is safe, exploratory, and exciting in order for teachers to take the risks of venturing out of their comfort zone? Our teachers are very student centered with a passion for teaching and learning. Some teachers find the adventures of learning new technology exciting, while others remain threatened by the age of technology.

Next steps:
My project objectives are to create a module of learning that can be done as a group or individually via an Inspiration 8 map with links to different technology tools that can be incorporated into classroom lessons and instruction. In order to differentiate the learning based on readiness levels of instructional technology application, I have created a tiered map for professional learning.

The first step, Tier 1, will be to introduce teachers to the basic tools that are available at their fingertips, the SVVSD portal. The session will guide teachers through the links in the SVVSD portal. Review all the applications that are available to staff members.

Tier 2, will be to engage teachers in book talks in the areas of science, vocabulary, reading and writing. The texts have been purchased and teachers have signed up for the books/subjects of interest. I will create virtual campus classes for each of the book clubs. Teachers will read and engage in conversations, answer questions and upload lesson plans and activities.

Tier 3, will be to encourage teachers to design project-based learning assignments for students. The projects that teachers design will be supported by smart cart technology which will include a laptop, projector, activislate, and digital camera.

The next phase of implementing this project will be to obtain funding to purchase Smart Carts for at least two classrooms. Smart carts include a laptop, projector, activislate and a cart. Teachers will check out the carts to use in their classrooms. I will have several teachers who will use these carts on a daily basis. The challenge will be securing funding for this phase of the project. One option is to put a plan on

New ideas for implementation:Buddy up with MMS teachers for dialogue and mentoring. Discuss the expectations with staff about trying new technology projects or I will add lab person from FTE. Invite Sherri Platt to do a project with first and fifth grade teachers. Pen Pals with third graders to use a space instead of handwriting especially after January. Celebration with both schools in the spring. Flat Stanley project with kindergartners, locations where Flat Stanley visits. Just a few ideas...
Using Inspiration 8, I have developed a web of tiered learning.