Kay's Project Proposal

What is it?
  • Using Blogs and Wikis and other Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.
Why this project?
  • Students will learn essential technology skills.
  • Students will increase mathematical understanding by interacting with the materal on another level.
Completed parts of the project:
  • Class activity to introduce blogs and wikis
  • first draft of a rubric for blog/wiki projects
  • How To documents to guide students in setting up a Google account and a Chatterous account
  • Set up a Wii-Interactive Whiteboard
Work to be done:
  • Letter of introduction to parents to gain permission to use student pictures on the blog and use of cell phone texting for Chatterous.
  • How To documents for uploading presentations to the blog or wiki (www.zoho.com)
  • Ways to use Wii-Interactive Whiteboard