Project History
This project started with a parent visit to another (newer) school. When the parent visited the school, she came wondering why we did not have Promethean boards. She started talking to and invited someone from administration to a "pto" meeting and invited me along. As the computer lab teacher and go-to tech person for our building, when the discussion turned to Promethean boards, I knew there would be people asking ME questions. Therefore, I decided that I needed to start my learning of the software that supports the equipment.

By the end of the school year, 6 IWB systems and two voter systems had been ordered.

My goal for CyberCamp is to learn the Promethean Software (ActivInspire) tools, learn the language/format of the software and be able to create, edit, update projects. Therefore, I am starting with a project of my own. I, also, plan to use this information to create a PST for our equipped staff.

Already Accomplished
Some of the things that I have already accomplished are...
  1. Started to play with ActivInspire.
  2. I have a concept for my first assignment using the software (Internet Safety Program).

Future Tasks
The things I still see that need to be done...
  1. Become comfortable in ActivInspire software.
  2. Create PST lessons that I can use with my staff
  3. Bring together random resources to use for presenting Internet Safety.
  4. Learn how to use Activotes to assess student learning.
  5. Do all the things I cannot forsee at this time! :)

Internet Safety PPT
Marzano Research
Promethean Planet

I will need to have this together by the beginning of school, so I can implement the information in the first few weeks of school.