Tuesday, June 10th Alice L. York, Teacher Librarian Skyline High School
Via your email account take a look at my Work in Progress for the Wired class
---Daily Course Content Planner
---Wired Presentation Ideas
---Assessment Ideas

Good Morning Everyone! Wed. June 4th from Sue Ahlberg, Teacher Librarian

This morning I will be sharing progress on my Library Book Review/Discussion Blog as well as the Virtual Campus class that I am moderating at Coal Ridge MIddle School.
Blog address is http://dynamitereads.blogspot.com Feel free to look around and respond to any posts. I would appreciate it you would respond to my new post titled "Choose Today's Classics"

Virtual Campus class is http://classes.stvrain.k12.co.us Select Coal Ridge Select Adol Lit for 21st Century Learner. Feel free to log in as a guest and look around.

My new wiki page on PBL .

Good Morning and Welcome to my presentation. Thursday, June 5. My name is Michele Blanken and I am a language arts teacher.

Today I will be taking you to my work in progress for my class, which is a bit of a change from language arts.
The class is called Research and Academic Skills. It is the first time this class will be offered at my middle school.
There are three areas that I would like to work on for this class. First, students will be mapping their test scores using powerpoint and I want to set up a sample for students to use. Second, students will use Opposing Viewpoints and other databases to study "hot topics." Last, I will set up a sample research unit that my students and I will study together using the Big 6.
So, here we go. Come with me to the St. Vrain Virtual Campus.

Happy Monday from Jerry O
I'm doing a short WiP presentation this morning at 9:45. I'm going out of order because I have an appointment at 11:00 and Bud has teaked the schedule for me. What a guy.

My objectives:
  • show you the bare bones of my TIE presentation
  • ask you to join my Delicious network and leave some droppings (an online teacher tool or two that you REALLY like
    • username = tie08 password = copper08
  • get your valuable feedback on all of the above